This is a Job for YOUth

Belize – What Unites You!

There are 1.7 billion young people like you in the world who share your same dreams, goals and challenges. See ther stories and discover WHAT UNITES YOU.

Get Inspired!


EMPLOYABILITY: Finding a job can be a job in itself since it requires knowledge and skills. Join us and other young people like you looking for a job and let’s WORK it out together! You can participate in free training that will help you find information about jobs, apply for a vacancy and get ready for a job interview.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: From good ideas can arise good opportunities! If you are interested in starting a new business, join our training and learn how to get started and to transform your idea in a strong business project. You can be your own employer.

LEADERSHIP: Your voice matters! YOUth have a great potential to make positive change and become the leaders of the future. Take part in an exciting and certified Leadership Programme and be the protagonist of that change! You can inspire other young people like you.

QUICK IMPACT PROJECTS: YOUth make your community! Change starts from little things and there is a lot you can do to improve your community. Join a group of young people like you, who want to make a positive impact, and realize a short project. You can make a difference and make new friends.


Join us:

Be a leader, improve your skills, make a change for YOUth!

(If you are 14-29 years old and live in the districts of Belize, Cayo and Stann Creek)

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